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An Array of Critters ...
Fairy 4x4 $24
fairy tile
frog prints
Bird w/Nest 4x4 $24
Bird With Nest Tile
Song Bird 4x4 $24
Songbird Tile
Cat on Birdhouse 4x4 #24
Cat on Birdhouse tile
Cat on Fence 4x4 $31
Cat on Fence tile
DOg at Fence 4x4 $31
Dog at Fence tile
Chamelion Box Car
dragonfly floral tile
Dragonfly Floral 4x4 $24
Gecko 4x4 $24
Gecko Tile
Botanicals ...
Acorn Floral 4x4 $24
Acorn Floral Tile
Trillium 4x4 $31
Trillium Tile
Echinacea Tile
Echinacea 4x4 $31
Wood Lilly 4x4 $31
Wood Lilly Tile
Scotch Pine 4x4 $24
Scotch Pine Tile
Letter A 4x4 $31
Letter A Tile
William Morris inspired monogram tile....yes, the whole alphabet!
Letter B 4x4 $31
Letter B tile
Letter C 4x4 $31
Letter C tile
Letter D 4x4 $31
Lette D tile
Letter E 4x4 $31
Letter E tile
SteamPunk Bird Box
Figurative Tile... available in stained or standard glazed surfaces!
three dancers tile
Three Dancers 5.5 $36
Steampunk Bird Box
2.5x2.5x3"tall  $68
beaver tile
Beaver Triptych 3x8 $42
Rabbit Chasing Dog Tile
Rabbit Chasing Dog $31
Glaze Color Palette
T Royal Purple glaze
sage glaze sample
leaf green glaze
sweets glaze
smoky blue glaze
chartreuse glaze
Oak Hill glaze
Seaside Glaze sample
Royal Purple
Leaf Green
Smoky Blue
Oak Hill
Tree Frog Glaze
Tree Frog Green
Bermuda Green glaze sample
Bermuda Green
Jellybean Glaze sample
Commemorative Tile for Events, Places and Organiztions

311 E. Maplehurst
Ferndale, MI 48220
ph: 612 208 8453

e-mail:    whistlefrog@gmail.com

Mackinac Bridge Tile
Mackinac Bridge, MI Tile 6x6 $48
Indian Village Tile
Indian Village, Detroit , 6x6
Destination Tile... Have one made for your favorite spot!
Lexington Michigan Tile
Lexington, MI Tile, 6x6 $48
4x Wall Gear Tile
5x5 triple Wall Gear $68 
Rick's Urban Industrial Designs.
Steampunk box 4x4
Gear Box 4x4 $87
Gear on Swirl Tile
3x3 Gear Tile $36
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Urban Heart Tile
Urban Heart Tile 6x5 $46