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Alphabet tile available in
multi-color glaze treatment or single color.
Letter E 4x4 $31
WIlliam Morris E tile
Letter A tile
Letter A 4x4 $31
William Morris B tile
Letter B 4x4 $31
Alphabet Tiles inspired by William Morris Font ...
Letter D 4x4 $31
William Morris D tile
Letter C 4x4 $31
WIlliam Morris C tile
F tile
Letter F 4x4 $31
Letter G tile
Letter G 4x4 $31
box 5
Letter H 4x4
letter I tile
Letter I 4x4 $31
letter J tile
Letter J 4x4 $31
box 5
Letter K 4x4 $31
William Morris K tile
Letter L 4x4 $31
Alphabet L tile
box 5
Letter M 4x4 $31
William Morris M tile
letter N tile
Letter N 4x4 $31
Letter O 4x4 $31
letter O tile
box 5
Letter P 4x4 $31
letter P tile
box 5
Letter Q 4x4 $31
letter Q tile
box 5
Letter R 4x4 $31
letter R tile
box 5
Letter S 4x4 $31
letter S tile
box 5
Letter T 4x4 $31
letter T tile
box 5
Letter U 4x4 $31
letter U tile
Letter V 4x4
Letter W 4x4 $31
letter W tile
Letter X 4x4 $31
letter X tile
Letter Y 4x4 $31
letter Y tile
Letter Z

William Morris (24 March 1834 – 3 October 1896) was an English artist, textile designer and writer associated with the English Arts and Crafts Movement. His work strongly influenced the decoration of churches and houses into the early 20th century. As an author, illustrator and medievalist he was instrumental in reviving traditional textile arts and methods of production.

These tile take their inspiration from a fontset created by William Morris which was in turn inspired by the medieval patterns he worked to preserve.


4x4 $31
z tile
letter H tile
Letter H 4x4 $31
box 5
V tile
Letter V 4x4 $31