frog prints
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Handmade Art Tile
and Urban Industrial Ceramic Design
Gear Bottom Box 3x3 $58
Gear Bottom Box
Steampunk Bird box

Urban Heart Tile 6x5 $46

Urban Heart Tile
Urban Industrial Ceramics banner
5 inch Triple Wall Gear $68
Wall Gear Tile
4x Scrolled GearTile $48
Mermaid's Tail Glaze
gear Swirl Wall Tile
box 5
Double Gear Box 3x3 $58.00
Gear Scooter Box
3x3 bird Box $68
Urban Industrial Ceramics
Single Gear Box
Single Gear Box 4x4 $127
Bird Box Car
Bird Box Car $108
2x Gear on Swirl Tile
Gear on Swirl 3x3 $36
Gear Bowl
Gear Bowl 7x7x2 $68
Round Swirl gear tile
Round Swirl Gear wall Tile 5x5 $48
Round Carousel Box

Carousel Box 5x5 x3 $108

Steam Vase
Steam Vase 3x3x8 $78
Urban Industrial Glaze Color Palette
Tree Frog Glaze
Tree Frog Green
gear Swirl Wall Tile
Mermaid's Tail
triple gear tile
Green Pumpkin
jChamelion Box Car
Chameleon Box Car 4x4x6 $108